Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Evans Padded Wedge Boots

 Just a quick post to say I LOVE these boots!! I just received mine yesterday, and they are fabulous.  I have been in desperate need for a pair of black boots and I just haven't come across any I really liked until one day I passed my local Evans store and in the shop window they sang to me the " buy me" song, of course I felt it only right that I do as the boot asked!

They are soo comfy, and what I really love about them is the padding, it reminds me of a coat I once owned! I feel confident that they won't cripple my feet because I usually only wear heels when I go out on the town and even then I still carry my flats, I live in my Adidas most days of the week. Now I can walk a little taller in comfort!
I haven't worn them yet because I am not due a day of work until next week *sigh*I know these will be my go to boots this winter!

p.s. The pictures do not do them justice, have some vision people! They have a special offer online get them for £30 instead of £49.50

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