Monday, 18 October 2010

My Weekend and OOTD-Tesco Bandeau Skirt

Hey everyone, I've been slacking in the post department only because i have been working hard and when you have to be up at 3am everyday i am tired! i just didn't have the energy! Who knew it took so much energy to keep up with your blog, i now have a new found respect to all bloggers!

Anyway i had the weekend off and it was eventful but once again i left the house without the camera so i didn't get the pics! : ( I have to start getting in the habit of taking my camera everywhere i go!

Thursday night i went to the theatre for the first time time to see Avenue Q. It was enjoyable and it made me laugh especially the number "everyone's a little bit racist" yes very risky! I ended the night with some ice cream at the Haagan Daaz Cafe, there's something about ice cream in the winter that i like!

Friday night was down to china town for some bad Chinese, i ordered a beef dish and I'm still not sure it was beef i was eating! After we had a few cheap drinks at the Slug and Lettuce and was served drinks by the yummiest bartender ever! i will surely be going back just for him! We got talking to a couple of guys that made me feel super old as they were only 21! Then we headed to Metra. It was not as good as the last time, i think maybe too much thought had gone into it this time making it an average night!

Saturday night i went back to my favourite place Moonlighting. music was good but i just wasn't feeling the vibes! i think my going out bug has died! Its just the same old guys or shall i say beasts with no manners its just one big meat market! I wanna go out and meet my potential husband and i know that's not gonna happen there! i think i just want familiarity and i wanna feel comfortable not conscious of myself, its all so complicated!

Anyway onto better things! I thought i would do a quick outfit post with my new skirt from Tesco which was only £16, bargain! I love it, because the material is thick it hides a multitude of sins! The only thing is the shade of pink is darker than on the website.

I teamed it with my cage shoulder top from Asos and my Dorothy Perkin shoes. I look a little bit messy but i just could not be that bothered lol I give the skirt a thumbs up! What do you think?


  1. Blogging is high maintenance, like right now, I'm slacking & lacking inspiration!
    But on a brighter note I love, love, love your outfit!! You are rocking that skirt! Don't worry, you'll find the one!


  2. I want that skirt! :) Now you know what to get me for Christmas, lol :) I´ve posted a link to your blog on my blog btw! :) Luv ya! xXx