Friday, 22 October 2010

OOTD-Silky Print Skirt

This week has been one of reflection, i don' t know if my pms is coming early or what but i have been feeling a little sorry for myself, boo hooo me! 
So I have decided to lay off on the clubs for the rest of the year! I talk a good talk so lets see how it goes one weekend at a time eh!
I am on the hunt for potential husband material, everyone is getting engaged or married except ME! lol I am in need of some good romance in my life, I'm tired of reading the romance novels and watching the movies!

So here is an outfit i put together, i would of worn it to the club but that's not gonna happen, maybe it can be an outfit for drinks or dinner with some tights....

Skirt-Simply Be
Shoes-Dorothy Perkins

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