Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Good Credit Means More Clothes!

I am feeling a lot better after having the week from hell last week! I don't know if it was the fact that i had a day off work today or the online shopping i did that kissed the wound better? Ah well better not dwell on the matter, lets move on to the good stuff!

It was brought to my attention last week that i might have good credit, now when i was told this i wasn't in the best frame of mind and kind of brushed it off. Today however it hit me like my mum caught me stealing out her purse that i have GOOD CREDIT! I mulled over this for a few seconds and i realised all the shopping potential this held for me, i thought of all the companies i tried to sign up with that discarded me without a second thought telling me in black and white how i wasn't credit worthy! A smirk smile crept over my face as i started typing in a certain online catalogue.  This catalogue was formally known as Marshall Ward but now goes by the name of Isme. I am happy to say that this time i was successful and i wasted no time in placing my order which hopefully should be with me tomorrow!

I love all these things and can't wait to recieve the dress which is my favourite! I love this catalogue because i find they have a lot more fashionable clothing when you compare it to Simply Be, and they are cheaper! Don't get me wrong i love Simply Be because when no one would have me they took pity on me and took me in! Just to prove i haven't forgotten my roots i ordered the following from them
I'm looking forward to wearing the jacket as i love the colour, with jeans or an all black outfit i know it will give it a boost! Check out www.isme.com and don't forget www.simplybe.co.uk
So now i wait with crossed fingers that 1) Delivery turns up 2) It fits! xoxo


  1. Those shoes are adorable!!! Nice purchases, fingers crossed that they fit!

  2. Hiya, it's Gem from Fat Frocks. Thought I would come and reply here. Blogger doesn't have a very good reply system.
    Junk emails are so annoying! it's odd that they say they are coming from me. I think it may be because people left their email addresses on the blog for the pen pal exchange. Once I've emailed everyone (which I've almost done) I will delete all the comments on that post or something and hopefully they will stop :)
    Also you are so sweet to offer the Evans dress. I will email you later for a chat when I get home from work.

  3. I tried that dress on in Evans today and it looked really bad and didn't fit. What a shame!!
    Thank you :) x

  4. I think there are some really nice selections in there and I would wear them! Of course they don't ship to Singapore so I can only live vicariously through your experience!

  5. Lucky you. I hope some day I can say the same lolz.

    Editor & Chic