Tuesday, 31 August 2010

My Gold Plated Girdle

OK maybe not gold plated but feels like it after it set me back £100! Its called Body Magic by Ardyss, it's supposed to be some miracle under garment which is meant to make you drop up to 3 dress sizes instantly!
Now I'm not one for quick fixes, I'm FAT and i deal with it, losing weight is not what had me sold, what sold me was the fact that it makes me look like i have one stomach instead of four! i liked the idea of looking tidy in my clothes.

So when i opened the package i almost fell over when i saw the size of this thing, it was at least 3 sizes smaller than myself with barely any stretch in it! so now i start to understand how this contraption might make you look like you lose a couple of dress sizes. i inhaled deeply and decided to give this baby a try!

OMG it was a workout to put on, i lost a good amount of water getting it on, but when i finally did that last hook all i can say is wow! it sure does what it says on the tin! The only thing is that it's uncomfortable, i don't know if that's fair of me as i have to get used to it but right now all i can say is OUCH!
I slouch, never stood straight and being big chested never helped me, what this garment does is false you to stand straight, i have never stood so straight in my life it made my boobs look like they were trying to climb into my mouth!

i had a few errands today and thought about giving it a trial run but after 20 min's in that trap i had to take it off it was almost suffocating, when i took it off it took me a while for me to breath again, so i think i will have to train my body to wear it when i have fuck all to do!

Anyone considering it, it does work but ask yourself is it worth the pain, if your vain like me then the answer will be a yes! lol


  1. welcome to the blog-o-sphere my love! thanks for letting me know about ure blog! cant wait to see outfit posts and thanks for stopping by my blog! xoxo!

    btw, under garments are def. worth it in my opinion ... specially if it has quality! ;-)

  2. lol thanx hun and thanks for following! xx