Thursday, 26 August 2010


Doesn't it suck when 80% of your life is spent in uniform! Uniforms are meant to be seen as sexy but i happen to have a uniform that makes me look butch, I've been told all that's missing is the guard dog and a flashlight! (rude i know) As i iron my shapeless blue shirt and my man cut trousers i wonder to myself hows a girl meant to get any action walking around in this 9hrs a day? Believe me there are guys that like my uniform but these guys tend to be freaks on all kinds of levels, whats a girl to do!

My birthday is fast approaching, i am looking forward to 28 i have no issues with getting older i embrace it! The thing is i remember being about 19 and having all these expectations on how my life would be at 28 and it just hasn't worked out! Yes i know most people feel this way, but i do feel i have ended up on paths that have swayed me from my destination and that makes me a little sad! whoever said life was easy!

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