Saturday, 5 January 2013

The Scales Don't Lie

So in preparation for my detox I had to dust off the scales and do a weigh in.  Let me tell you, me and the scales are not friends! When I looked down at the numbers it was like everything started going in slow motion, I will reveal the numbers to you as I said before its all about honesty in 2013.
So as I took in the results it occurred to me this is the biggest I have been in my life! 18st10lbs, sad times lol
Anyway I wasn't so depressed about the number as I know I am taking the right steps to achieve the results I want.

Its day 3 of my 21 day detox (my detox is a vegan one, and no white starchy foods and sugar) Its been good eating so many fruit and vegetables, I do miss my chicken. The hardest thing to swallow is water! I absolutely hate it.  Getting 10 a day means regular trips to the toilet which is a good thing.
Going to events during this time is a NO NO! Being around things you want to eat and drink is torture and I think I wouldn't be nice to be around either. I have yet to have the sugar shakes but I know they will come soon!

I am so conscious of what I can and can not eat that I am having nightmares lol Last night I dreamt that I was waiting for a friend for hours, I was hungry and I had a fat breakfast with pancakes and bacon, you know all that good stuff, then I meet up with this friend and its getting late and once again I am hungry, so we spot a Chinese take away and I order some fried rice which I start scoffing down and then all of a sudden I scream and I say "shit! I forgot I was on a detox" I wake up at this point thinking this dream is real and feeling sick to my stomach that I had sabotaged myself, then after about 3 mins I realise it was all a dream!  I thought to myself damn girl you got issues!


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