Monday, 8 October 2012

L.B.D Saves The Day

Hello everyone! Hope everyone is enjoying lovely October! Apart from all this rain at the moment I am enjoying hiding covering up under layers of clothes! I can dust of some of my coats in preparation for the big freeze! Can you believe how quick this year has gone! I am already buying my Christmas presents (yes I am that organised!)

On to bigger and better things (me!) So I have been having a shit couple of weeks mainly because it's that time of the month and mother nature has been kicking my ass! Not only do I have hungry belly, I look like I am six months pregnant! (not cool) It was so bad that it made me take a pregnancy test to make sure but lets face it all it did was confirm what I already knew...I am not with child, just fat!! Anyway  please excuse the self loathing (it's just another gift from mother nature) it will pass in good time.
It sucks that you can't control when it comes over you, it was just my luck that I had to try and look cute while feeling like shit! I went out on the town (life goes on) and this is what I wore.

Dress/Necklace-Dorothy Perkins, Shoes-Evans

When nothing else would do the job of hiding my fat belly the peplum on this LBD saved the day, making me feel semi cute, and I mean semi! (self loathing remember) I love anything peplum right now, anything that means I don't have to wear any spanx like contraption (comfort is key!) is all right by me!!

I have been trying to stay away from clothes at the moment, well one of the reasons is to try and save some money but I just don't feel inspired to purchase! I have been shopping for more cosmetics.  I have noticed that a lot of high end brands are starting to dabble in the darker shades of foundation  to suit us chocolaty sisters out here like YSL, Lancome, Chanel e.t.c. I won't harp on about it on this post, I think it deserves a page to itself! (trust I have a lot to say on the matter) If your from the USA and your thinking what the hell I'm talking about, lets just say dark skinned girls in London are not as fortunate as you, I sometimes feel we are an after thought! But if you wanna know more all will be explained in the next post I do! Until then people, stay blessed! Thanks for reading! XOXO


  1. You look amazing in dresses, and much like you I too am feeling anything peplum right now, peplum does wonders for a girl's frame. Pms comes and goes every month, but when it comes around it hits one so hard it's like it has never happened to you before, ah the joys of being a woman! Great post.

    1. Thank you very much! it is hard work being us lol peplum is something that will be around in my wardrobe for a long time!xoxo

  2. You look fab in this dress I love it xx