Monday, 15 August 2011

What Are The Dating Rules

There have always been rules to dating like your not supposed to call first, or not kiss on the first date etc etc
Do you still follow rules in 2011? To be honest i don't think i ever knew the dating do's and don'ts maybe that's the reason my dates have never been successful? These days as i creep closer to 30 i don't feel inclined to follow any rules i just go with what feels right!

So after exchanging phone numbers with my "Ex Marine" we have been non stop texting everyday. The first day we exchanged numbers we texted constantly for 10 hrs (and i do not exaggerate) Why text i hear you say! Well at the time i was sick with the flu so i told him not to call me because i didn't want him to think i was really a dude and scare him off! After that its just been the way we communicate. So after 3 weeks of constant texting (my poor thumb) we decided to make a date.

I haven't been on a date for ages, it was nice to get spruced up and look your best knowing romance was possibly in the air. I was so nervous, so nervous i felt sick!  I haven't felt like that in forever! All i kept thinking was please look like your picture. It was such a relief when i saw him, he was just as cute as his picture, plus he was just as nervous as me.
We decided to go for for a drink first to relax. There were a few silences but that was just down to nerves, after the drinks had set in we became more relaxed. He was a total gentleman very sweet. I knew i definitely liked him. So when we got to the end of our date i knew he was gonna get a goodnight kiss. After 10 mins of smooching outside the train station like a school girl we said goodbye. Did i mention it was the best kiss I've had in a long time? We hadn't been out of each other sight for 10 mins and we were back to texting. 
I can safely say this one looks like a keeper, i try to keep myself level headed but it is hard. So this time I'm just gonna go with the flow. Go with what feels right no more rules! Fingers crossed it will pay off. xoxo

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